Tridi — Mousewheel support

This docs is for Tridi v1.x. Read Tridi v2 documentation or how to upgrade to version 2.x

Tridi offers an option to rotate images on mousewheel events. To enable this set mousewheel option to true.

By default, mousewheel events are triggered with passive option set to true, which minimizes performance impact. You can override this by setting passive option to false.


  • mousewheel (boolean) - enables / disables mousewheel events. Optional, defaults to false
  • passive (boolean) - if true, Tridi won't call event.preventDefault method on wheel events. Note that this may affect scrolling performance.



<div id="tridi-mousewheel"></div>


new Tridi({
  element: '#tridi-mousewheel',
  location: './path/to/image/folder',
  format: 'jpg',
  count: 36,
  mousewheel: true,
  passive: false

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